Best Hidden Features Of Facetime App Every User Must Know Before Using It

Facetime On Laptop Features : Facetime app is the best ever video calling revolution made in the phone era rite from the iPhone 4 and started using by each and every ios and Mac users for the free HD video calling service for free on the go with it’s amazing features.

Using the Facetime for laptop / Facetime app you can be at two places at the same time

Facetime app is most user friendly video call app ever with one tap simple calling features included

Both the cameras ( 2 cameras) of your mobile can be used for video call so that you can ever share what you are seeing with your rear camera from your mobile using the facetime

Facetime is available on all Apple / iOS devices starting from iPhone 4
Facetime app is completely a freeware app to use on your iphone / ipad and mac book lite / mac book air for free
Facetime is now available on Laptop for free Facetime app is being developed by coders in order to make compatible with the windows laptops and devices
Facetime app for laptop is viral now a days for its incredible clarity and default in call features

You can even make FaceTime calls over cellular networks on iPhone or iPad. And be there in person, even when you’re not.
FaceTime is currently incompatible with non-Apple devices or any other video calling services.

Facetime app includes only voice call features if someone is not really interested in video call at that particular time especially while driving
Factime on laptop is compatible only for texting so that it’s as simple as that to make the best use of this app on the go.…